weBoost Wilson 10 dB tap w/0.5 dB pass through w/N female connectors


10 DB tap for signal distribution systems to split the amplified signal to multiple inside antennas with minimal signal loss. These 2-way unequal splitter are ideal for in-building applications that require the combining or dividing of RF to accommodate multiple antenna locations. Weatherproof case for indoor or outdoor use.

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Weight 11.63 ounces


Wireless Capability No

Additional Features

Defining Features • Unequal amounts of signal sent to two antennas for different sized areas • One output port loses 10 dB; one loses 0.5 dB • 90 percent of the signal strength is sent through the -0.5 dB output port • Can be wired in series (daisy-chained) to power up to 20 antennas • weatherproof case


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