weBoost Wilson dual band diplexer/combiner (800-900mhz/1850-1990 mhz bands)


The Wilson 859922 Combiner/Diplexer is a coupler which allows you to either combine 800MHz/1900MHz into a single signal (or vice versa). It is most often used to combine signal from two single frequency amplifiers to be fed into a dual band amplifier. It can also be used to split signal from a dual band amplifier into 800MHz and 1900MHz components. This could be used if you have two areas with people on different cellular networks, although this is rare. • Equal amounts of signal sent to two antennas for similarly sized areas • Each output port loses 3 dB • 800-900 MHz & 1850-1990 MHz bands (Cellular, iDEN & PCS) • Can connect two outside antennas to one Dual-Band amplifier or two amplifiers to one inside antenna

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