weBoost Cable 2' extension LMR400 eqiv. ultra low loss cable (N male - N male ends)


Wilson 952302 2' LMR-400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable is a very low-loss 50 ohm cable compatible with all the amplifiers on our site (except the SignalBoost DT). When used correctly, the LMR-400 cable can be used for cable runs in excessive of 100ft. The cable is light, flexible and weatherproof.

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Weight 4.23 ounces


Wireless Capability No Connections N-Male/ N-Male

Additional Features

Defining Features • For indoor/outdoor use • Connects amplifier to splitter, tap, inside or outside antennas • Attenuates signal less than 0.1 dB


Services 2 year warranty/30 day satisfaction guarantee Cord Length 0.61 feet