CaseMate Pixel 2 Karat Petals case


Made with Genuine Flowers, Case-Mate’s NEW Karat Petals collection pairs elegance with classic beauty. Delicately dried flowers with eye-catching metallic elements are encased in clear resin to give this case a truly elegant twist. Anti-scratch technology works to preserve the intricate pattern while Case-Mate’s signature metallic buttons emphasize the delicate petals. Since each case contains real flowers, no two cases will be exactly the same, allowing you to showcase the individuality of both you and your phone.


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Height 5.7 inches Width 2.7 inches Weight 3.49 ounces


Screen Protector Included No


Defining Features •No two cases are alike
•Dried genuine flowers
•Metallic foil elements
•Refined metallic buttons
•Two-piece construction with a shock absorbing bumper
•Anti-scratch technology
•Military strength impact protection