Zagg ZAGG - Google Pixel 6a InvisibleShield Biometric Glass Elite Screen Protector


InvisibleShield Glass Elite Biometric provides maximum protection and has materials integrated that are engineered to ensure compatibility with the most advanced biometric scanners. Also, its designed to fit curved screens for a seamless, almost invisible look.

Extreme Shatter Protection & Maximum Scratch Prevention

This is achieved due to using Aluminosilicate glass in combination with Ion Exchange Technology, which increases surface compression for better strength and scratch-resistance. Glass Elite’s reinforced edges prevent chipping, and its beveled shape seems to disappear into the screen.

Designed to Fit Curved Screens

Glass Elite is precision-crafted using a heat bending process. This provides the curved edges that blend into the phone’s screen. They’ve used a special adhesive that prevents bubbles from forming along the edges, so you get a seamless, almost invisible look.

ClearPrint® Technology

A revolutionary oil-diffusion technology that makes fingerprints virtually invisible.

Easy Application

This product comes with EZ Apply tabs, an installation tray, and a rubber install mat, making the application process simple and accurate.


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Weight 5.29 ounces


Additional Features
  • Protection exceptionnelle contre les éclats
  • Technologie biométrique
  • Prévention maximale des égratignures
  • Technologie ClearPrint
  • Languette d’application EZ Apply