Samsung N/A Galaxy S4 OEM BTC Kit (Standard battery + BTC)


Make sure you’ve got all the power you need on the move. A genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 extra battery kit is specially designed for your handset, so you can be sure it won’t let you down. The charging case supplied can be used to store and protect your new battery, as well as recharging it. You can check the charging status using the useful indicator. And, thanks to its compact and ultraportable design, you can easily carry your extra battery kit with you wherever you go.

If your phone is running low, simply swap your dead battery for your new one. Go from 0% power to 100% power in just seconds. The Spare Battery Charger is great for when your battery is low but you need to continue using your device and are not able to attach it to a wall outlet.


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Weight 3.772178 ounces


Defining Features • Charge your battery without needing to connect the handset • Keep your battery safe on the move in the charging case • Carry extra power in your pocket or bag thanks to compact size