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Trade in. Trade up.

Trade in your old phone and receive an in-store credit towards a new phone, tablet or accessories.

Trading in your phone is easy.


Find out how much your phone is worth using the trade-in value finder below, or request an estimate in store.


Prepare your old phone for trade-in by backing up the information, deleting all personal data and removing your SIM card.


Visit a WIRELESSWAVE store to trade in your old phone, and choose something new!


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Why trade in?

good for wallet

Good for your wallet

With the WIRELESSWAVE Trade-In Program you receive in-store credit which can be put towards a new phone or accessories. Since 2015, our customers have saved over $1.9 million dollars by trading in their phones.

good for environment

Good for the environment

When you trade in your old phone, it is repurposed or recycled. Since 2015, we have repurposed or reused 42,231 phones ­­— diverting them from landfills and reducing the amount of toxic heavy metals entering groundwater, soil or ocean.

good for time

Good for time

Don’t spend hours trying to sell your old phone. The WIRELESSWAVE Trade-In Program is simple and can be quickly completed in-store.



The trade-in credit is to be redeemed in-store at the time of trade in. Unused values are relinquished once you leave the store.
The trade-in credit you receive is non-transferable and has no cash value.
If your device has no trade-in value, you can choose to recycle it through our device recycle program.
Please inquire at a store if you have more than one device to trade-in.
A new contract term is not required.
The value of a device diminishes over time, so estimates change frequently. To get the most value out of your device, check its worth using the trade-in calculator, then visit a WIRELESSWAVE as soon as possible to trade in.
Accessories are not necessary. A phone must be intact and include the battery and cover. If you enquired about an estimate for your tablet, and if the estimate you received included a charger, please bring the charger to the store when you trade.

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