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Basic Phone Plans

A great mix of anytime minutes for local or Canada-wide calling and texting.

Share Everything Plans -Build Your Own

Start with a smartphone and add any device type to your plan - whether it's a basic phone, tablet, stick or another smartphone. More devices mean more savings.

Mobile Internet Plans

Enjoy internet access on your tablet or laptop from anywhere on the Rogers wireless network, with plans that suit your usage needs.

Business Share Everything Plans

Share Everything for business lets you share talk, text and wireless internet all on a single plan between your team and their devices. The more you share, the more you save. Plus, each line comes with unlimited Canada-wide calling.

Smart Picks Plans

Light talk and internet with unlimited text options for non-sharable plans.

Share Everything Plans -Combo Plans

Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and Shareable Data. Share one pool of data across multiple devices - keep it for yourself or share with friends and family.

Business Plans

Find the right single line plan to stay on top of the demands of your business.

Pay As You Go Plans

Choose Pay As You Go and get flexibility, cost certainty and freedom from contracts and credit checks.