About Us

We are WIRELESSWAVE. We are the mobile experts.

For over 15 years, WIRELESSWAVE has been the go-to destination for all things mobile. You count on us to provide expert advice on an incredible selection of the latest phones, plans, tablets, and accessories at any one of our over 150 stores in malls across Canada. Plus our multi-carrier offering, including Rogers, Bell, Fido, and Virgin, means that you can expect an honest, unbiased opinion that will help you stay ahead of the wave.

Introducing Wilson

At every WIRELESSWAVE location, there’s a team of mobile experts to help you get the most out of the latest phones, plans, and accessories. Here on the interwebs, you can turn to Wilson. He’s the best of the best... of the best.

Like all of our experts, Wilson had to complete in-class training on the ins-and-outs of our networks, plans and the latest phone tech and accessories before he began working for us. And he stays on top of his game by constantly refreshing his tech know-how through WIRELESSWAVE’s Continuing Ed web portal.

So, whether it’s an opinion on AMOLED versus IPS displays or the benefits of Snapdragon processors, Wilson has the info and insight you need to get the most out of mobile.

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